why pick me

Here is my wedding advice to you

I want you to pick me because my pictures give you all the feels! I want you to pick me because you love my work! I want you to pick me because my style is what you imagined for your wedding day. I put my whole heart into shooting weddings. I love the little details and I love pure love! 

Reasons to book
Gage Blake Photography:

When you book with us, you benefit from all of our wedding experience and knowledge. You will have access to my custom wedding planning guide full of tips & my custom engagement session style guide. My custom guides offer many helpful tips for planning your wedding, for your wedding day & for the engagement session. Including what to wear tips for the engagement session.

 You will have 2 main wedding photographers for your wedding when you book
Gage Blake Photography.

Most wedding photographers use 1 main photographer and 1 assistant photographer. Gage Blake Photography uses the same second photographer at every wedding and he is on the same level of photography as myself and not on a level of an assistant photographer. I taught him all my secrets and tips so he is completely equal to myself.

We know how to shoot in any type of lighting situation! When it comes to photography, it’s all about exposure. Good photographers can make pictures look good in beautiful light. Only amazing photographers with awesome skills can still take amazing pictures with terrible light. Dark churches and dark reception venues are very hard to shoot in and require the photographer to have a ton of skills and know exactly what they are doing when it comes to exposure. We are not scared of working with very little available light. We have the knowledge, the skill and the equipment needed to be able to work in low lighting situations.

Planning your wedding is exciting, but can be stressful at times. We are here to help answer all your wedding questions you may have. 

How do I know what poses will make me look flattering? How much time will we need to take the bridal portraits? How long will family portraits take? What about the little details? When should we cut the cake? 

Let us make your wedding day less stressful! 

    I love real moments! I love the real emotions. The real moments will help you relive your beautiful love story through your photographs. We are amazing at capturing those special real moments. We will still set up posed bridal portraits but we incorporate our style to help make the formal pictures look more natural and real and not stiff and uptight. 

You want to make sure you pick a wedding photographer that you love their style because after the food is ate, the music stops playing, the drinks are gone, after the I DO'S and all the I LOVE YOU'S the pictures will be the only thing left to tell your love story. 

Pictures are forever. You can't redo once in a lifetime pictures.

This will be your one chance to tell your love story and you want to pick someone who takes pictures that will tell your story the way you would like to remember one of the biggest days of your life. 

You want someone who will focus on the little details! You poured your heart into picking out all those details for your wedding day! Don't forget all your hard work!

 Most people get married one time and I know budget is a big part of the day but try to pick based on style over picking just anyone who fits in your budget. 

Regardless if you pick me or not, Pick a wedding photographer who has a ton of wedding experience and who specializes in weddings.

Make sure no matter who you pick, know how many wedding images you will receive.